Welcome pugS

I'm A-Dawg and I run things around here at the pug life.
The Pug Life is a photographic series by my main man Adam from the dog photographers.
His love of pugs, dog photography and 80-90's hip hop culture has joined forces to create what you see.

So check out the pug life posse, my dirty dozen. Then represent your pug roots, and join our ranks by uploading a pic of your pug showing the world that they're living the pug life.

New recruitS

  • Living live on the hard streets of Vegas, baby....OK maybe not downtown Vegas but the suburbs can be pretty rough sometimes! I walk with a gangsta limp....

    The Amazing Leo / USA

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  • Sup, dawgs! I was born on the dirty streets of New Orleans. I was brought into a home and now I run it. Scratch that, I run the whole hood!

    Lil' Baztard / USA

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  • Dominating the game, Hugo “The Boss” Barber rules the streets of BrisVegas. With his minions in tow, his favourite pastimes are walks on the beach...

    Hugo 'The Boss' / Australia

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  • I'm both a lady and a BOSS. I'm from the hard knocks & I run the streets of Pittsburgh. I've been known to knock a Frenchie out if they try to step to...

    Frankie Fingaz / USA

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  • They call me "Da Bomb". When my mom rescued me, I had fleas, but didn't tell her. She ended up having to flea bomb her whole house. Not to mention, she...

    Munchkin / USA

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  • Dude, I gots hit by a Ford Focus the day before 9/11 and ripped the bottom out of the shit compact. Now I gots me a gimp paw that I put down on the...

    Leroy / USA

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  • They call be Frankie Football and I'm the bookie 'round here. You wanna drop some $$$ on the Cowboys game? You come to me. The Yankees? The Wild? The...

    Frankie Football / USA

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  • Reppin' the 818. It hard out here for a pug. It's hard to make $$ for the rent.

    Beni Corleone / USA

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  • Roll with the red crew, butt in the air like I just don't care.

    Shadowdust Killer / USA

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  • Im a hipster from the steets who kills people

    The triple double / USA

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