The Beastie
The Beastie
The Beastie
The Beastie

The Beastie

A.K.A : Jack

"Now here's a little story I've got to tell. About three bad pugs you know so well. It started way back in history With Snoop, Ice Puge, and me - The Beastie."

Little Beastie Pug is another of our fly MC's here at the pug life. He is dedicated to the pug way of life and also to his beloved New York Yankees. So much so that those that meet him say he is the biggest, one eyed, Yankees fan they have met.

He also has this strange attraction to a German car manufacturer, we still don't know what that is about.

Snoop puG
Notorious p.u.G
PuG DaddY KanE
Crazy Eyes
Eazy - P
Pug MasteR FlasH
The flavouR
Ll cool puG
The Beastie
Ice pugE
Run puG