Ll cool puG
Ll cool puG
Ll cool puG
Ll cool puG

Ll cool puG

A.K.A : Tofu

"Calling all cars, calling all cars...
Be on the lookout for a short chubby furry brother with dimples.
Wearing a red kangol, gold chain, and sneakers.
Last seen eating donuts with sprinkles"

LL Cool Pug is my bad ass chubby brother from another mother. His love of gold chains and donuts is only secondary to slick old school rhymes.

This boy he BAAAAAAAD!!

Snoop puG
Notorious p.u.G
PuG DaddY KanE
Crazy Eyes
Eazy - P
Pug MasteR FlasH
The flavouR
Ll cool puG
The Beastie
Ice pugE
Run puG